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Virtual Garage sale in support of OSEG Foundation, running now until January!

OSEG Foundation has partnered with GiveShop to host a Virtual Garage Sale to raise money and help local #Ottawa kids participate in sports. Download the #GiveShop app and donate or purchase items in this sale, to have proceeds donated directly to the foundation.

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Made-in-Ottawa app helps you declutter for a good cause

A made-in-Ottawa app is giving people a new way to get rid of the junk piling up in their closets and garages while benefiting local charities.

GiveShop, which launched in June, is a platform where sellers can hawk their goods and buyers can haggle like on Kijiji or Facebook Marketplace — only on GiveShop, the item must be purchased with a credit card and the proceeds go to charity. The seller then receives a tax receipt and GiveShop takes a 15 per cent processing fee.

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The Ottawa Mission Partners with GiveShop and Local Artist Erika Déruaz

The Ottawa Mission is pleased to announce its new partnership with GiveShop, an exciting Ottawa-based start-up whose mission it is to make it easy for Canadians to give to their favourite charities. The GiveShop online marketplace is the place to go to buy and sell, and support the life-changing programs of The Mission. We’re proud to announce our first vendor, Ottawa artist Erika Déruaz!

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Great Glebe Garage Sale hopes virtual event can fill fundraising gap for Ottawa Food Bank

This year’s edition of the Great Glebe Garage Sale is going online in order to continue its annual support for the Ottawa Food Bank. The Glebe Community Association says the virtual edition is being put on from July 20 through to September 7, with the help of Ottawa-based app GiveShop.

Organizers believe it will be a great way for residents to sell their stuff online while supporting the Ottawa Food Bank; The Ottawa Food Bank gets the money from the sale, and sellers get a charitable tax receipt for the purchase amount.

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Ottawa-made GiveShop app makes it easy to donate unwanted stuff to charity

GiveShop sells the merchandise in an online marketplace and directs the proceeds to a selected charity, which can then issue tax receipts based on sales price.

An Ottawa team has launched a new app, GiveShop, that affords charities the ability to raise money through online, physically distanced garage sales. The app, launched earlier this month, is the brainchild of Ottawa entrepreneur John Farah, who has been working on the project for three-and-a-half years. Farah conceived of the app as a way for people to use the stuff collecting dust in their basements — furniture, artwork, sports equipment — for the benefit of local charities.

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