Canadians are some of the most generous people in the world. Over 80% of us support charities and not for profit organizations regularly with our time and money. That said, the frequency and average donation size has been trending downward for the last decade resulting in fewer resources for our favorite charities.  

When asked about their charitable giving practices, the large majority of Canadians indicate that they would like to give more but are financially constrained in doing so. Meanwhile, demand for services from charitable organizations across the country is at an all-time high. This combination of trends is putting tremendous pressure on charities from coast to coast that are vital to our communities.

 At the same time, the second-hand economy is thriving in Canada. In 2019 over 2.4 billion used items with a combined value of almost $28 billion were either sold, donated, or exchanged, accounting for 1.23% of GDP.  Over 80% of Canadians regularly participate in the second-hand economy with the three main reasons for doing so being; financial, altruism and ecological considerations.   

Enter GiveShop – a new, app-based online marketplace where users can donate or buy gently used items with proceeds benefiting a charity of the donor’s choosing.  

Donors win by converting a used item into a cash donation for charity while also receiving a tax receipt for the full value. 
Buyers win by finding high-quality items at fair prices as well as knowing that proceeds are going to charity. 
The environment wins by diverting items away from landfill. 
Most importantly our charity partners win by gaining access to a new source of much-needed funding.

I hope you will join us in trying to reverse the downward trend in charitable giving by downloading the free GiveShop app and donating or buying a gently used item today!