I am proud to introduce you to GiveShop – a new, app-based, online marketplace where donors and buyers can exchange gently used items with proceeds benefiting charitable causes across the country.  When the idea of GiveShop came to mind three years ago, I wanted to give people a simple way to convert their many under used items of value into cash donations for local charities and in the process receive a well deserved tax receipt.  It seemed like a real win-win for everyone involved!  Since then, myself and a dedicated team here in Ottawa have been working diligently to make GiveShop a reality.  We were set to launch the marketplace in early April in the Ottawa region with 16 well-known charitable partners, but postponed due to the Covid-19 crisis.

Since taking this decision, many friends and charity partners have suggested alternative ways of launching the marketplace while ensuring that users respect current social distancing policies. We have decided to proceed with a soft launch where donors can post their items to the marketplace and buyers can search for items however transactions cannot be completed. As soon as social distancing restrictions are relaxed and it is deemed safe to meet up and exchange items, we will activate the payment function.

At this time we would encourage you to download the free, bilingual app in either the Apple or Google Play stores and take advantage of your time at home to sort through your basement or garage for a few gently used items you would be willing to repurpose into a cash donation for a charity that is important to you. Buyers can “window shop” for now and save good finds to their “Favorites” section in the MyGiveShop tab. Once the purchase capability is activated and donated items are sold, the selected charity will receive the proceeds and a tax receipt for the full value of the sale will be issued to the donor.

Charities perform a vital service to us all and will be under funding pressure with so many events and fundraisers being cancelled or postponed. What better time than now to spring clean and put those gently or under used items sitting around your home to great use!

All the best and stay safe and healthy.

John Farah
CEO and Founder