We are super pumped to announce that GiveShop has gone full live today, Monday June 1st, 2020! As of this morning, the GiveShop Marketplace is officially open for business.

What’s even more exciting, and a true point of pride for me personally, is that the very first transaction using the GiveShop app has been completed and I am tickled pink! The Buyer, a University of Ottawa student was super happy to purchase a stylish couch and lounge chair and even happier to know her dollars were going straight to the Shepherd’s of Good Hope!

The Donor was thrilled to part with the furniture gathering dust in her basement and felt good about her gift to the Shepherds and earning a charitable receipt.

The third win in this story is of course our charity partner. The Shepherd’s received the cash donation and can focus their time and effort on doing their amazing work to foster hope and reduce harm amongst the homeless and most vulnerable in our society.

Is it possible there could be items of value you no longer use that could make for a much-needed donation to your preferred charity? Through the GiveShop app you can turn that under used item into more free space, a charitable receipt and most importantly, a warm fuzzy feeling!

John Farah, CEO