Whether you’re from a charity or school looking to fundraise or from a business looking to do good in the community, the GiveShop marketplace offers opportunities that can’t be found anywhere else. Read on to learn why so many organizations are choosing to fundraise with GiveShop.


1. Not Your Grandparents’ Garage Sale

Why wait for the weekend? GiveShop’s state-of-the-art technology platform is open 24/7 and connects donors and buyers at the touch of a button. Bargain hunters can scratch that shopping itch rain or shine. And who says you have to give up haggling? GiveShop’s chat function allows for real-time communication between vendors and their customers so no deal is left on the table (but maybe don’t haggle too hard … it is for charity, after all). If you’re looking to raise funds quickly, relying on the old ways will only get you so far. GiveShop is a new, innovative fundraising platform that removes all the hassles of a typical garage sale experience.


2. Good People and Great Causes

Shopping and donating items on the GiveShop marketplace means doing good in our communities. Since proceeds from all sales go to benefit local charities and schools, GiveShop partners play a key role in community building. And because GiveShop provides the ability to filter items by region, partners can feel confident they’re doing good in their own backyard. GiveShop has partnered with over 75 well-known charities and is adding new partnerships weekly.


3. You Can Be Part of the Solution

An incredible amount of waste ends up in Canada’s landfills. Whether it comes from that ignored pile in the closet or that dusty corner of the basement, GiveShop is all about giving new purpose to gently used items. Partnering with GiveShop is a great way to reinforce your company’s commitment to the communities you serve. It’s a unique opportunity to cast a positive consumer spotlight on your brand by donating merchandise or services to causes that are important to your company and staff. Your company could become a campaign media sponsor or enter a staff team to participate in an active Virtual Garage Sale, offering your staff a fun, easy, and financially painless way to support a good cause. Companies that do good get noticed!


4. A Unique Way to Fundraise

Online giving is growing in Canada, but many charities and schools still can’t accept donations of second-hand items because they don’t have the infrastructure to turn them into the cash they sorely need. GiveShop’s marketplace makes that transaction seamless and opens up a whole new revenue stream for fundraisers. The onboarding process is free, simple, and straightforward, and partners are supported with marketing materials they can use to promote their presence on the platform. GiveShop charity and school partners have real-time bank connectivity to the marketplace and can receive the proceeds from item sales within 48 hours. And though GiveShop is growing, the platform is still relatively new. That creates an opportunity to stand out from the crowd of other fundraising initiatives which can give your organization a much-needed edge.


5. It’s a No-Brainer

Fundraising with GiveShop is easy and lucrative. This one-of-a-kind platform benefits consumers, the charitable sector, corporate interests, and the environment. Above are just a handful of reason to become a GiveShop partner. Contact a Rep today to discuss why it could make sense for you.